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Fed up with Gunhumping Ammosexuals

I laid into one that kept up with I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! only section of the 2nd amendment. Then he insulted me and my family's military service by saying 'probably the type to sign up for the paycheck'.

I let him have it.

Robert K**** Pookums, my DD214 says Honorable Discharge. And I am a multi generational military family. So, no, you sanctimonious git, none of us did it for a paycheck. I'm quite sure your military service can compare to mine? Or were your separated with a OTH or DD? Or maybe just a General discharge?

What we have said, oh so dense one, that they have no business in civilian hands, and should be banned as they are only designed to kill as many as possible in the most brutal way (the bullets penetrate and tumble, shredding internal organs, and in small targets like Sandy Hook, tear off body parts), just like the M-4 and M-16 (BTW, I ranked as a "Sharpshooter"). The only differences is the Bushmasters firing pin(semi-automatic rather than full auto), the sights, and a few parts on the stock. Again, it does NOT belong in any civilian hands.

You want to adhere to an 18th century rule, fine. Single action bolt, or how about a flint lock, as that was all the rage. And just what part of a 'well regulated militia' were you part of?

And you want to cite only PART of the 2nd amendment...

Here's all of it : "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

This was intended for Good Farmer Joseph with his Ball and Shot Musket, not Crazy Neighbor Joe with an AR-15 or an UZI. It was written when the U.S. didn't have a standing military. Guess what? Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Naval Reserves, and during times of war The Coast Guard. Good Farmer Joseph isn't required to take up arms to fight off invaders anymore.

Moving on....

I now cite a document that predates your tunnel vision view of the 2nd amendment:
"We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are created equal and independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"

Our right to life outweighs your needing to feel the joy in your groin to shoot a military grade weapon. And if you really have such a hard on to do so, trot your North American Gunhumping Ammosexual ass to the nearest recruiters office and enlist.

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Ok, I give up

I tried installing TotalMediaCenter on my Windows 7 VM, XP VM and 8 VM.

It installed ok on Win 8 vm, but would crash when I tried to load any sort of video.

Installed on Win 7 VM, but like with Win 7 desktop, it would launch, then shut down in a few seconds.

It wouldn't installed properly on XP, and wouldn't uninstall, so had to restore from a VM snapshot.

*sigh* So, my choices are keep my computer safe and find another alternative to TMT, or don't install the Windows Rollup, which will allow TMT to access the kernel.

So long, ArcSoft TotalMediaTheater. Was nice knowing ya.

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Oh well

Another Windows update, and it again disabled TotalMediaTheater. And since ArcSoft is no longer supporting or updating it, there is no solution from that avenue.

I have one option left to keep using is. Try installing it on one of my VMs. Yes, I have Cyberlink PowerDVD17 but it's bloated, and sometimes, even with AnyDVD and Passkey, certain BluRays and DVDs won't play in it, so need another. TotalMediaTheater was the best. Didn't hog system resources, stable, never a problem, and fully integrated in Windows Media Center.

WinDVDPro by Corel is integrated in WMC, but it has issues that Corel support can't seem to figure out. Leawo.. hmm, yeah, it works but is a bit touchy. DvdFab 5 player, also works but has a few problems.

Who knows, maybe someone will figure out how to hack/patch TMT, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

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Today, the part of a pincushion was played by me

Saw Matt the Physio as scheduled. But before I went in, I marked on my shin and ankle where I was having pain. It's no where near as bad as it was after Christmas last year, but it's enough to slow me down and stop me from doing activities.

He poked, prodded, twisted and flexed. After all of that, acupuncture on the piriformis, and down the right side of my shin. He pressed on one area and the pain spiked where the lowest needle was inserted. Gave that one a bit of a ping to get it to vibrate. After 15 minutes, i did have relief, but it didn't last.

Matt said the soreness along the top of the foot is a symptom, not the cause, of the shin pain. Because the shin hurts, I'm not holding my foot quite right, so it hurts when I walk. My shin hurts because I'm doing more.. more walking, more time on the bike, more domestic chores, and gardening. But as it's no longer level 7 pain, but 5 that drops to an annoying 3, it is improving.

Also, today, I was able to bend my knee to 127 degrees. Matt's holding out for 130 degrees.

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Microsoft did it again

Latest "monthly rollup" (KB4074598) prevented some tried and true programs from starting. As much as I would prefer to have the updates, I am tired of Microsoft updates disabling programs that I use.

Yes, I know the programs aren't sold/updated/supported by their original company, but I use them, and don't care if there are more updates for them.

Currently uninstalling the damned 'rollup'.

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Timelapse Software

I have used three different programs to compile timelapse sequences

1: Adobe Premiere CS6

2 LRTimelapse to use with Adobe LightRoom

3 Panolapse by Patrick Shyu

The first time I ever compiled a series of images was with Premiere. I did this after editing the images in Photoshop CS6 E. It was a bit confusing at first, but once I got the hang of it, the process was fairly smooth and the end result was good. Select sequence, and Premiere will export the video. Drawbacks: You have to own CS6 (or CC now) Photoshop and Premiere. You can use other photo editors to edit your CR2/NEF/ORF/RAW files, though, but you would still need to own or rent Premiere.

LRTimelapse is a program to use with Lightroom. You have to run them both at the same time. I found it more than a little fiddly. Edit images, import them, select all then click on Metadata in Light room, while in LRTimelapse you load the images, select the options you want. Go BACK to Lightroom, Select All images, click on EXPORT, select LRTimelapse plugin. It will then open a menu in LRTimelapse, click on RENDER VIDEO.

See what I mean by fiddly?

With the price take of 249 Euros for the full version and 99Euros for the low end version, it's a heftly price tag, especially along with having to have Lightroom, Standalone (if you were lucky enough to have gotten it) or Creative Cloud.

Panolapse 1.25. "Freemium" software. Edit your images, save as JPGs. Select images, click on deflicker, choose what format to export and let it go. It will sequence you photos numerically, then de-flicker, AND auto adjust brightness for changes of shutter speed and ISO.

The free version is limited to 1280x720 HD. The full version is $103AUD (it's on sale for 20% off right now.)

I just bought Panolapse.

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Even when you give long detailed instructions

And show the results as to WHY, there are always Mansplainers.

With the upcoming Blue Supermoon Eclipse, I gave detailed instructions on how to use a freeware astronomy program called "Registax". It didn't take long for the usual Mansplainers to tell me THEIR way was better, or using a single focus image isn't any good, or how I was just wrong, or it was nothing but HDR, yadda yadda yadda. Even when I posted an example.

Every time I patiently explained why, the same mansplainers would com up with a different reason I was wrong. Then I tried "momsplaining".

On left is a single focused image of the almost full moon. The one on the right, is 20+ jpgs processed in Registax.

One would think that showing this would stop their arguments and derision, but no. Now, I just roll my eyes and ignore them.

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Up before the dawn again

Sometimes, I just can't get the right leg comfortable enough to sleep well through the night. Was up at 4:43 am (checked my watch, so know the time is right). Let Keito and Loki into the back yard to 'dig holes in the sand'. Checked on Ziggy, as she and Trance had another dust up yesterday. Once again, Trance was on the losing end of things. Ziggy is ok, though.

Fed them all around 5:30. Keito got his insulin on time. Ziggy, from having to groom self after the fight with Trance, hurked up her food. Of course ON the sofa. (Preen OxyAction to the rescue) There was a HUGE clump of fur. After I cleaned it all up, she demanded to be fed again. Tossed some things into the washer, and they are currently hanging out on the line.

Knee feels a bit thick and stiff this morning, but there was no sciatic pain.. at first. But when it showed up, it did so with a vengeance. Immediately did the routine Matt gave me. First five.. gritting teeth. Second set, not so bad. By the time I had finished the 3rd set of five, the pain was manageable. Have taken pain meds, and the anti-inflammatory.

One really doesn't appreciate the absence of pain, until it hammering away at you.

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Physio Visit

I gave Matt the rundown of what I have been doing to alleviate the pain in my shin/ankle. Nothing seems to be working. Even starting up the rehab exercises didn't help.

After some questions, then some pushes/pulls/twists/pokes/prods we did find out it's nothing wrong (aka, no damaged bone, or DVT). It's mild compartment syndrome, pinching the sciatic nerve that runs over the outside of the fibula, down over the ankle, to the arch of the foot. I still have some swelling from the knee replacement, nothing like it was before, but still there, and it's causing pressure on that nerve.

Been told to continue with the pain meds as needed, and to NOT SKIMP or skip. Given some exercises/stretches to reduce the nerve pain. Go back next week for a follow up.

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Voluntarily back to the drawing board

The Tibialis Anterior pain isn't going away. I have done the stretches and other things Matt The Physio said to do, and it's not changing anything.

After checking my blogs, and comparing when the pain started to when I was give the 'all clear' from having to do the rehab exercises, it seems the shin pain started shortly after. I have decided to go back to the rehab exercises. And if I see any improvement, it will just mean I have to take 10 minutes, 3 to 5 times a day, to do them again.

Here's hoping, because if it is compartment syndrome, that could end up requiring more surgery and NO thank you!

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When am I ever going to learn

When your browser works, all addons functioning properly... do NOT update the browser if you aren't having any issues.

The "OH NOES! SECURITY PROBLEMS!" Bullshit, that is what some of the security addons are for. Having the latest version of Firefox disable what it deems is 'not compatible' is bullshit, too, because with the installation of another addon, you can load them up. Even worse is when the updated addon doesn’t work but the older one does!

Gawd, I am so thankful that I made a full back up of the addons I had, because if I hadn't I wouldn't have been able to reinstall them after rolling back one version.

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The Adobe Drama Llama?

It just keeps going on and on. I got this bull$hit email from them.

Hello Sandra,

Thank you for contacting Adobe support.
I am writing in reference to your case regarding your issue with Adobe application.

Please accept our sincere apology for all the inconvenience. We request you to provide your phone number and preferred time to contact you or contact us back on live support so that we can assist you on real time.

Please respond to this mail so that we can assist you further on your issue without any delay.

Thanks and regards,
Adobe Support.

My reply:

Why bother? I have already sent you one of the invoices I could find (still waiting for reply from three other sellers, who are graciously checking their records to see if they can find the sale tome, but as they are between 5 and 11 years ago it's not looking too good.) and I got bullcrap about how I have to contact Amazon (reseller) and I did. Then I was told to contact the Amazon seller, and I did. THEN the Amazon seller told me that if the installation discs are in working order (they are) to contact Adobe. And THEN you tell me there is no record of the sale with Adobe. No $hit Sherlock.

Because I live in Australia (I moved from the U.S.) Adobe was charging double for the products, even when U.S. and AUD were at parity. I refused to be skinned, so ordered the products from the U.S. and had them shipped TO me. And the when each and every one arrived, I would install it, activate it, follow the link to the registration page.

What I find passing strange is that the ONLY things missing from my Adobe account are each and every boxed set I purchased from other than Adobe, when I know I registered PSE 9, PSE10, CS3E CS5E, CS6 Master Collection. I had screen capped the page, but it's gone due to a massive HDD/System crash about 5 years ago, along with digital invoices I had. But I wasn't worried, because I had all my products listed on my Adobe account..... oh yeah, the same account that had all my Boxed products 'disappeared'.

Not saying I am going to do this, but I know there are ways to hack and crack, but I don't want to, nor should I have to, because I LEGALLY BOUGHT AND REGISTERED MY PRODUCTS! The same products you say are not mine, or are mine but is a student teacher edition (No, I have seen what Student/Teacher/EDU edition boxes are, and mine aren't.) Mine are full on, genuine one person purchased (me) . One would think that if I wasn't the person who owned the software, I wouldn't be bothering to rant/rave/vent or even CONTACT you regarding anything about it. But no. To hell with the fact that I bought legit boxed editions from a store, just keep parroting the bull$hit. Perchance to force me to subscribe? Ain't gonna work. I'll switch to On1PhotoRaw and Affinity, or maybe even Corel, ALSO bought by me, boxed/disc editions.

A VERY Angry Adobe Product buyer and user.

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It does seem to be the week for this sort of thing

I was surfing on a news website, and I noticed the bookmarks on the browser bar disappearing one by one. What the heck?

Checked my back up browser, and saw the same thing happening there! Again, what the heck?

It seems that X-Marks had a malfunction. Luckily, I am a BACK UP BACK UP BACK UP sort of person. I disabled it in both browsers, then imported a 2 day old back up of my bookmarks.

Re-enabled X-Marks in one browser and made that one the one that only writes to the server. And in the other browser, made that one that only downloads from the server.

All fixed in under 5 minutes.

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Dear Microsoft

You knew your "Meltdown Patch" was buggy, for Windows v7, 8, 10, but you released it. Not only that, you send out NOTHING to tell people to remove this patch!

I used two DVD/Blu-Ray play back programs (there are always discs that won't play in one program, but will in the other) TotalMedia Theater 6, and PowerDVD17. I had a problem with play back being too dark in PowerDVD about 10 days ago. So, I started TMT6... and it wouldn't start. I checked TaskManager, and noticed it started up, but then just stopped/disappeared.

A few minutes of searching on AV/Tech forums I found out that the patch is what caused it.

So, if you're having an issue with tried and true programs suddenly just not started, check to see if your most recent update is listed here, and remove it.

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To sum up the Adobe Dilemma:

Adobe: Contact Amazon

Amazon: Contact Seller

Seller: Contact Adobe.

What this boils down to is if you have purchased your older Adobe product from a reseller, and not as a direct download, your product no longer exists and you screwed if you need help with it. Even when you have the original invoices from said purchases, Adobe will reply that THEY have no record of your purchase.

Well, no shit Sherlock, because it was a boxed/hardcopy version, not a digital download.

Boxed version of CS3E with CS5E upgrade.

Boxed version of CS6 Master Collection.

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Hey Adobe, fukc* you

I found one of my invoices for an Adobe product, and sent it to them, as proof, that "See, yes, I did buy it!" I told them, over and over, that I didn't buy it as a digital download, but as a Boxed Version.

Their response: We have gone through the Email that you sent to us but would like to inform you that kindly contact the Amazon as this order was purchased from Amazon, because in our system there is no any order details found in our system that you are talking about.

I told them I didn't order it from Adobe, I told them I had registered my software when I popped open the box when it arrived. I told them I did same thing with CS6 Master Collection, and CS5E, and CS3E. It's doesn't matter where it was legally purchased from!

I think even if I do get a copy of the invoice for CS6 Master Collection, they're going to brush me off with the same excuse. No record of sale with Adobe, so tough shit.

And they wonder why people pirate their software.

*spelled that way as to not offend the nannyware of some blogging sites.

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I am more than a bit stubborn

I managed to track down the seller I bought Adobe CS6 Master Collection from. I am optimistically (stupidly?) hopeful that his sales records go back that far.

I found the invoice for Photoshop Elements 10 and sent that along. I will have to go through some laptops and back up drives to find more information.

You would think they would get it, that someone hammering away at them, sending them information piecemeal would be telling them the truth. A pirate/thief would just hack and crack the problems I'm having and be done with it. But no...

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Now that I'm not falling asleep at the keyboard

And have had some sleep, I am revisiting my Adobe complaint.

Over the past 10+ years, I have purchased "Boxed" aka store bought versions of Adobe products. CS3 E, CS5 E, CS6 Master Collection, Photoshop Elements (9, 10, 11). I dutifully made an Adobe account, registered each and every purchase without fail, or incident. I had taken a screencap of all my products listed. I think that vanished because of a system restore, but I haven't given up looking for it.

The only product I purchased directly from the Adobe site as a download was CS6 E.

When my CS5 after years of no problems threw out the "Trial has expired", I was "whohuhwha?". Thinking it had to do with hardware upgrade (motherboard, HHD etc) I typed in my CS5 serial that was on the box. Then picked up my 'qualifying product' for the CS5 upgrade, typing in the CS3 E serial, only to get "Invalid Serial Number". *boggle*

I headed to my Adobe account, login to make sure I had the serial numbers correct, and then only find CS6 E listed. WTF? I checked every link, and even started a (useless) chat session. I ended up getting CS5 E working again without resorting to 'convincing' it to work if you get my drift.

So then, the support chat went to "Where did all my other products go?" This is where I am calling "Bullshit" on Adobe. Suddenly, after 5, 7 and 11 years, all my non-downloaded software are suddenly not mine, or never purchased, or don't exist. I gave up on that support session.

Started one with Adobe Customer Care on Twitter. The story changed. This time, I was told my products were teacher/educational ones. Uhh, no. Packaging of those would clearly have Student/Teacher Labels, and guess what? Mine don't. I even sent photographic proof of that. Then the ACC on Twitter said "Send your invoices as proof". I looked, and looked, and looked. Paypal and online bank records only go back to 2015. That's three years. My purchases were 5, 7, and 11 years ago.

Wing believes, seeing as the problem first started with old CS3, then CS5 and now CS6, that it's Adobe's way of painting people in a corner, forcing them to rent their software, instead of using the old tried and true. And remember, only the store bought hardcopy versions registered with Adobe disappeared from my Adobe account.

Yes, I know there are ways to 'convince' these programs to work, but there should be no need for me to resort to that as I bought and paid for mine.

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Finally contacted Adobe

Regarding how CS5 kicked up "Trial has expired" message after 5 years of using it.

This just gets even more bizarre than my CS3 serial suddenly not a valid license number! It seems all my adobe products that weren't purchased as downloaded programs from the Adobe site have been wiped from my account!

And even better, I have been told that my now missing Adobe products are registered so a different email address?? WTF??!! I have had the same email address for 16 years! I've bought and registered the Adobe products 5, 7 and ll years ago!

Wing of the mind that I am not going to get any real help, because I can't find invoices/receipts for software I bought, 7, 5 and 11 years ago, that I properly registered with Adobe when I got them, as a way to paint me into a corner to rent Adobe products if I have another problem.

Nope, I will 'convince' the software to play nice if I have to, I will NOT rent their products.

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Physio visit

Good news, the area of sharp pain on the shin is more diffused, and much less 'jamming ice pick' feeling. A bit of acupuncture to help it settle a bit more. I told Matt how it was worse first thing in the morning, but after a few minutes of limping around, if I sit down in a chair for a few minutes, it's all good... Until..

Until I do a lot of walking, or any upright activity. Yesterday, while shopping, I went to take a step and my right leg was "Nope.. not moving!" in mid-step. Total muscle fatigues/lock. Hurt like hell over the top of my foot, too.

Matt said it's because I'm doing more, and until I hit 'the wall', I won't know how much is too much. No way to speed up getting the muscles toned and strengthened. *sigh*

The knee itself is doing fine. To prove it, I put my heels together 'turned out' 90 degrees, and executed a perfect plié. Matt said I was doing phenomenally well. Even though I'm frustrated at the seemingly slow recovery, Matt said it's way above average. I see him again in two weeks, or sooner of something comes up.

Go me.

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